There are over 136 businesses in the fashion and textiles sector operating in the False Creek Flats today. While these businesses span everything from fashion designers to upholsterers, many of these businesses are involved in the distribution of clothing and accessories to retailers across the city. Many of them are even housed in the same building–the FX Fashion Exchange.


  • The Fashion Industry in Canada represents $9 billion.
  • Over 30,000 tons of textile waste are sent to the landfill from Metro Vancouver annually.
  • An estimated 17-20% of industrial water pollution world-wide comes from textile dyeing and treatment.
Given the already strong presence of fashion and textiles business in the Flats, there are endless opportunities to attract new business or scale social enterprise that can help solve some of the environmental concerns associated with fashion and textiles. A couple weeks ago, we assembled a number of leaders in Vancouver’s fashion and textiles sector to figure out how to get started. Join our linked-in group as a first step to staying informed and getting involved.

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