Red Flag Design, on Industrial Ave, uses recovered materials such as discarded sail cloth to create beautiful new products, including designer bags.

The term ‘the circular economy’ has become a popular phrase as of recent. It broadly encapsulates any and all economic activity geared toward keeping materials in circulation (and out of the landfill!). Players in the ‘circular economy’ thus include:

  • Designers that are consciously designing for deconstruction or reuse,
  • Manufacturers making products from recovered materials,
  • Service providers who offer products on lease in order to ensure they are recovered, repaired, or refurbished rather than disposed,
  • Retailers that sell 2nd-life goods, and
  • Waste recovery technology developers that retrieve value from waste streams

As one of the last major industrial areas in central Vancouver, the False Creek Flats houses a significant portion of Vancouver’s designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. This means the Flats has a significant role to play in supporting the development of a more robust circular economy in Vancouver. Already, more that 25 businesses in the Flats are “re” businesses–dedicated to reuse, repair, resale or recycling of products that are already in circulation.

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