The Centre for Digital Media along Great Northern Way occupies part of the old Finning Lands which were donated to Vancouver’s four largest educational institutions: UBC, Emily Carr, BCIT, and SFU. It serves as a hub of innovation for the digital media sector in Vancouver.

The shape of industry in the False Creek Flats has been changing rapidly over the past couple of decades, spurring a significant change in the diversity and scale of the area’s business activities. The changes in the industrial activities of the Flats are reflective of a greater global economic shift from a resource economy to an innovation economy. This shift can be felt through the development of innovative business models aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing waste, the emergence of innovative products + services for solving both physical and social problems, and the exploration of innovative approaches to economic development that are emerging at the grassroots level. Here are some examples from the Flats!

Innovative business models:

  • Designing and producing high-value products from 2nd-life materials
  • Co-locating synergistic industrial uses for the purpose of sharing resources and improving efficiency

Innovative products & services:

  • Technologies that convert organic waste into feed for plants and animals
  • Biomedical devices that improve the accuracy and effectiveness of medical procedures
  • Renewable energy solutions for leveraging the power of river systems

Innovative approaches to economic development:

  • A Green + Digital Demonstration Program for matching early-stage technology companies with public or private assets (such as buildings, fleets or infrastructure) to test out and showcase their effectiveness
  • A pilot of the National Industrial Symbiosis Program to locate circular economy opportunities
  • A Generator Program that allocates free work space and lab space to early-stage technology companies

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