A year ago, Light House conducted a workshop with a number of business and land owners in the False Creek Flats (the area bound by Main Street, Prior/Venables, Clarke Drive, and Great Northern Way). One of the questions put forward was “What are the top words that come to mind as descriptors for the Flats?” Answers included words such as ‘gritty’, ‘unknown’, ‘full-of-potential’, and ‘unkempt’. Tying these answers together, one participant put forward the phrase ‘a diamond in the rough’.


For us, this exercise highlighted the fact that the identity of The Flats is largely undefined and unknown. In collaboration with Light House and students from the Centre for Digital Media, we took to the streets to uncover who is in the Flats, what they’re up to, and where the greatest opportunities for this area’s future lie.


This blog aims to share our findings… highlight the diamonds in the rough as well as the plethora of opportunities this area represents.

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