There are over 136 businesses in the fashion and textiles sector operating in the False Creek Flats today. While these businesses span everything from fashion designers to upholsterers, many of these businesses are involved in the distribution of clothing and accessories to retailers across the city. Many of them are even housed in the same building--the FX Fashion Exchange. DID YOU KNOW? The Fashion Industry in Canada represents $9 billion. Over 30,000 tons of textile


Red Flag Design, on Industrial Ave, uses recovered materials such as discarded sail cloth to create beautiful new products, including designer bags. The term ‘the circular economy’ has become a popular phrase as of recent. It broadly encapsulates any and all economic activity geared toward keeping materials in circulation (and out of the landfill!). Players in the ‘circular economy’ thus include: Designers that are consciously designing for deconstruction or reuse, Manufacturers making products from recovered


There are over 30 businesses in the Flats dedicated to developing innovative new products, services, or technologies, including businesses in the digital entertainment, life sciences, and clean technology sectors. These have the capacity to contribute to the future of the Flats not only through the development of new technologies, products, and services for improving our environments and our lives, but also through attracting similarly innovative businesses to an area of increasing intellectual capital.   DID YOU


The Centre for Digital Media along Great Northern Way occupies part of the old Finning Lands which were donated to Vancouver's four largest educational institutions: UBC, Emily Carr, BCIT, and SFU. It serves as a hub of innovation for the digital media sector in Vancouver. The shape of industry in the False Creek Flats has been changing rapidly over the past couple of decades, spurring a significant change in the diversity and scale of the


A year ago, Light House conducted a workshop with a number of business and land owners in the False Creek Flats (the area bound by Main Street, Prior/Venables, Clarke Drive, and Great Northern Way). One of the questions put forward was "What are the top words that come to mind as descriptors for the Flats?" Answers included words such as 'gritty', 'unknown', 'full-of-potential', and 'unkempt'. Tying these answers together, one participant put forward the phrase